Coronation Street's Rana Nazir (Bhavna Limbachia) and Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) are celebrating next week when they get engaged, with the girls springing a romantic surprise on each other as both propose at the same time.


Rana has been on a cruise with her mum following the death of her father, in the hope of building bridges with her family who have been very vocal in their disapproval of her sexuality since leaving husband Zeedan for a woman. When she returns to Weatherfield on Monday 5 November she's ready with an engagement ring, unaware her girlfriend has the same idea.

It's all hearts and flowers until Wednesday 7 November when Kate brings up the idea of having a baby, and Imran Habeeb clocks little sister Rana's unease. Knowing she's not keen on being a mum just yet, he urges her to be honest with Kate - but not wanting to spoil their happiness, Rana stays quiet… spoke to Limbachia about the engagement, the wedding - and a potential end of #Kana as they clash over the baby issue.

Did being on a cruise together help Rana's relationship with her mum?
They tried to make things work and understand each other better. As they were on a cruise there was nowhere to escape! Rana is trying to rebuild their relationship, but her mum just keeps trying to fix her up with other men in the hope she will change her mind about being with Kate. They are trying to find a happy medium to please each other but it’s still not going to plan.

Why does Rana return wanting to propose to Kate?
Being apart has made Rana want to cement their relationship, she feels it is the next natural step and there's no point in wasting time. They have had so many hardships and lost loved ones which has brought them closer together. Everything they've overcome has made their bond strong.

Rana and Kate have a surprise for each other

How does Rana go about popping the question when she gets home?
Rana gets back early to surprise Kate, but Kate secretly wants to surprise Rana! There is a lovely, endearing moment when Rana asks Johnny for permission to marry Kate and he is over the moon. When I read the script it really moved me and I texted Faye to say it made me cry! We were both teary when we filmed the proposal - this is the peak in their relationship and makes both of them feel confident and complete, knowing that they are on the same page.

Have you thought about what sort of wedding Kate and Rana will have?
It will be important for both of them to have their identities, their religion, their roots and their cultures put together because they are from two completely different backgrounds. Kate’s family have always being accepting of her sexuality whereas Rana’s are quite traditional. It is a powerful message to say it doesn’t matter where you are from, love is love. It will be interesting to see all those elements coming together. Hopefully Rana's mum will come around to the idea…

How does Rana feel when Kate says that she will make a good mum?
When Rana was with Zeedan she was never ready to have children. Before she came to the cobbles she was a free spirit, she wanted travel and see the world and that’s what she wants with Kate, so it throws her that Kate wants children straight away because it is not a conversation they've had. The more Kate talks about it, the more fear is embedded in Rana - but she does want to make Kate happy because they finally have something to celebrate.

Why does Rana feel like she can’t tell Kate how she feels?
She doesn’t want to disappoint her, she wants to give her everything and make sure she's happy, especially after losing Aidan. Rana feels like she doesn’t want to burst the bubble they're in.


Will this cause problems for them down the line?
It is a subject they would love to compromise on, but until it comes to the actual decision it may be something that will make them or break them...