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Noel makes a serious mistake in Casualty

What has Noel done?

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Published: Saturday, 22nd August 2020 at 5:30 pm

With Casualty heading on a break after tonight's episode, one member of staff may be happy to have the time off as Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall) makes a mistake that could prove costly.


Being the receptionist at Holby General's Emergency Department is never an easy task and the pressures of the job are constant. But for Noel, he finds himself struggling to stay on top of everything when he experiences a particularly busy day.

But as the pressure mounts, his failure to pass on key information results in a devastating blow.

With queues forming at his desk, the last thing Noel needs is more work to do but as his shift goes on, he finds he is being given more and more tasks and it soon reaches the point that he does not know if he can handle the stress he is under.

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Noel does his best to get on with what needs doing but as the queue in front of him continues to grow, he struggles to stay focused on the task at hand. That soon leads to a dire mistake when a pensioner named Teri arrives with a head injury that needs treating.

But when it slips Noel's mind to tell her about the triage process, she heads off as she has her granddaughter to collect and doesn't want to spend hours waiting. Whilst Noel realises his error and does manage to track her down, he is left devastated when she collapses and dies of heart failure.

With an inquest pending as to how she died, is Noel set to lose his job?

It will be a while before we find out the outcome to that, and all the other loose ends, as subsequent scenes have not yet been filmed. Cast and crew are set to resume production next month but it may be early 2021 before new episodes are ready to go.

When sister show, Holby City, returns, it will tackle the coronavirus head-on within its opening episode. Kate Oates, Head of Continuing Drama at BBC Studios, recently gave us a hint of what to expect: “We have some gripping stories to tell as we explore how the lives of our characters have been irrevocably changed since the start of the pandemic, and how our heroes battle against the odds, come what may.


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