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Fenisha's baby secret is out in tonight's Casualty

More drama on the wards at Holby...

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Published: Saturday, 15th August 2020 at 5:30 pm

Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D'Lima) has been keeping a secret for some time now in Casualty but unfortunately for her, that secret has a time limit that it is getting closer to reaching.


Pregnant with Ethan Hardy's (George Rainsford) child, with Ethan and Will Noble (Jack Nolan) under the impression that she terminated the pregnancy early on, she has been worrying about how she will keep the news to herself – particularly with her growing baby bump becoming visible.

This week, however, Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) learns the news, and she finds out in dramatic circumstances.

Jan and Fenisha have never really seen eye to eye, but when they are both at the scene of a collapsed railway tunnel, and Jan is injured in the process, the two are able to get some things off their chests. Jan admits that she sees a lot of potential in Fenisha and concedes she gives her a harder time as a result – and as time goes by, they begin to bond.


While things do look worrying at one stage for Jan, Fenisha is able to get her back to the ED and it seems that a newfound bond exists between the two women. So much so that Fenisha decides to reveal the truth about her pregnancy. But how will Jan react when she hears the surprising news?

It was recently hinted that the cast and crew of Casualty would be returning to work next month after being off since lockdown began in March. Sister show Holby City has recently got back to work with a special Coronavirus episode first in line to air when the show returns to our screens.

Holby City went off the air this week in dramatic fashion, while Casualty looks set to take a break of its own in the coming weeks as new episodes run out. Given that the show hasn't yet started work again, there could be a long hiatus ahead...


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