What is the best Doctor Who regeneration scene of all time?

Another regeneration is on the cards - but which Time Lords have had the most memorable transformation to date?

Doctor Who: Out of Time - Big Finish

Of all a Time Lord’s powers (telepathy, super intelligence, snappy dress sense) regeneration is probably the most impressive. Who else can cheat death by getting a whole new face? Yes, James Bond, but other than that the Gallifreyans are unbeatable when it comes to immortality.


Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor is set to go through the basic biological process this year, when he’ll join the ranks of regeneration scene veterans. The Doctors who’ve gone before him have changed face via everything from fireworks displays to shonky jump cuts to name but a few.

But which renewal was the best?


Cast your vote below and if you need a refresher, take a trip down Time Lord memory lane too…