Watch the first trailer for Black Mirror series 4

Charlie Brooker offers his first glimpse of the new run of the dystopian series – but it might not be as bleak as you expect...

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Here it is – the first look at the fourth series of Charlie Brooker’s hit anthology series Black Mirror, coming to Netflix later this year.


The fourth run promises to have lighter moments, Brooker revealed at the Edinburgh Television Festival, with six new stories: Crocodile, Arkangel (directed by Jodie Foster), Black Museum, Metalhead, Hang the DJ and USS Callister.

The new stories will retain the traditional bleak commentary on a terrible dystopian future, said Brooker, but there will be a new, less miserable tone to some of the storytelling.

“We are varying the tone a little more, moving forward,” he said.

“If you did six downers that’s worse for everyone. I think we’re now able to adjust the tone more. Which is not to say we’re doing just uplifting episodes, we’re also doing more comedic episodes.”


Brooker also revealed that the new run would vary the length of the episodes, with the shortest and the longest ever episodes of Black Mirror.