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Was there a big clue about Clara Oswald's fate hidden all the way back in Doctor Who series 7?

Could Clara's Face The Raven fate have been sealed in The Bells of Saint John?

Published: Sunday, 6th March 2016 at 8:30 pm

From the moment she took Rigsy's countdown clock tattoo in Face The Raven we had a feeling Clara Oswald's destiny was written in stone but could her fate have actually been decided while Matt Smith was still in the Tardis?


An eagle eyed fan – who goes by the name of commontao on Reddit – has spotted something rather interesting in The Bells of Saint John, arguably the first 'regular' episode Clara appeared in as The Doctor's companion after The Snowmen.

Anyone trying to steal Clara's style from the episode might have spotted that she's wearing a pendant.


A bird pendant.

With outstretched wings.


A bit like this bird.


Which also had outstretched wings when it took Clara's life.


Coincidence or conspiracy?

Would it really be so wild as to think that the powers that be could have planted a hint so early on?

Possibly, given that the pendant is more Aztec eagle than raven and, y'know, Coleman already one rescheduled exit storyline.

But then this is Doctor Who we're talking about - Moffat Loop Doctor Who!


Nothing's left to chance... or is it? We'll let you be the judge of that one.


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