Tom Holland’s last minute plea helped bring Spider-Man back to the MCU

The web-slinger himself was apparently responsible for sealing the deal

Spider-Man (Tom Holland)

Marvel fans reportedly have Tom Holland to thank for Spider-Man’s return to the MCU.


The actor, who has played Peter Parker in the film franchise since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, reportedly met with Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony chairman Tom Rothman multiple times in order to get them to broker a deal, after negotiations between the two studios had broken down.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, any chance of the two reaching an agreement appeared to be “one hundred per cent dead” before the 23-year-old stepped in to help.

The report suggests that Holland urged Rothman to re-engage with Disney after the D23 Expo in August, using the clout he has acquired at the studio – he is set to star in the upcoming adaptation of video game Uncharted. The outpouring of fan support for a deal also allegedly helped to sway the two CEOs.

A deal was announced in late September that will see Marvel boss Kevin Feige produce one further Spider-Man film for Sony (with Disney taking 25% of the profits and putting up 25% of the budget), and also allow Spidey to feature in a second future Marvel movie.


Arguably the most iconic thing Tom Holland has done since this.