This week’s Doctor Who writer will be answering YOUR questions immediately after the episode airs

Got some queries for Jamie Mathieson? Roll right up!


Ever wanted to ask a Doctor Who writer exactly how they get the Time Lord from A to B, keep the sonic at his side and create TV’s most terrifying monsters? Well, now you have your chance – because the writer of this week’s episode, Jamie Mathieson, will be responding to fan queries in a special reddit AMA session.


Mathieson will hit the reddit thread (which you can access here) after his episode Oxygen has aired on BBC1 this Saturday (so around 8.00pm GMT), with the writer keen to chat about his previous Who episodes Mummy On The Orient Express, Flatline and The Girl Who Died as well as the latest adventure for the Doctor.

“Former stand-up comic, 10 year Redditor, comic book reader, PC Gamer,” Mathieson describes himself in the introductory post. “I have nerd running through me like a stick of rock. Let’s do this!”

We’d advise getting questions in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment – because if you’re hoping to get an answer in the deluge that’ll come after Oxygen actually airs, don’t hold your breath.


Doctor Who airs on BBC1 on Saturday 13th May at 7.15pm