This is how Eleven escapes the Upside Down in Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown is back!


If you really thought the final episode of Stranger Things’ first series was the last we’d see of fan-favourite character Eleven, then think again – because Millie Bobby Brown’s tortured telekinetic is back in this series, with a full head of hair (as seen in the series’ second trailer).


And now we’re finally getting a look at how Eleven escaped from Hawkins’ parallel dimension the Upside Down, in a brand-new clip (introduced by Bobby Brown herself for MCM comic-con) that shows her using her abilities to force her way through a (very disgusting) gate to the other side.

But what will happen next after Eleven’s return to the land of the living? Where will she hide out to grow her newly-lustrous mane? And will she ever be reunited with Mike (Finn Wolfhard), or will she only return to civilisation for precious supplies of Eggo waffles?

For now, there’s just 10 days to wait until we find out. Be neater if it was 11, but we do what we can.


Stranger Things season 2 will stream on Netflix from Friday 27th October

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