This amazing supercut proves how obsessed the Star Trek cast are with Dubsmash

Because you don’t really know the crew of the Enterprise until you’ve seen their ABBA sing-along


What would Captain Kirk look like singing to Aretha Franklin? How would Sulu handle a Sting track on karaoke night? And what about Spock growling like a dog?


All questions nobody’s asked, but we’ve got the answers anyway, courtesy of the Star Trek cast and the lip-sync app Dubsmash.

You see, it turns out that John Cho, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg can’t stop Dubsmashing. In fact, Urban (Leonard McCoy) admits the crew of the Enterprise are stuck in a dark “Dubsmash hole”…

Don’t believe they’re addicted? Check out this FIVE-MINUTE supercut of their best dubs.


All of them are brilliant. Fantastic, in fact. But we couldn’t help marvelling in particular at Chris Pine’s Strawberry Fields Forever. That performance has almost almost wiped out the previous Kirk’s attempt at a Beatles cover. Almost.