The Walking Dead’s Lennie James calls for Rick and Morgan “closure”

The star would like his character Morgan Jones to have one more encounter with Andrew Lincoln's Rick

Morgan and Rick

Lennie James has said he hopes his The Walking Dead character Morgan Jones can have some closure with Rick Grimes.


James first appeared as Morgan way back in series one and is now the star of spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, where he hopes his character can have one more meeting with Rick.

Responding to a fan question on Reddit, James said, “I agree with anything that means I will be back in the company of my mate Andy! [Andrew Lincoln]. So yes, if closure does it, then let’s have closure!”

Rick Grimes has been absent from the show since he disappeared in series nine, and star Norman Reedus has already called on Andrew Lincoln to retrun for the final season of The Walking Dead, while he is also set to star in a movie as part of the franchise.

James previously told that the news The Walking Dead was set to end after its 11th series took him by surprise when he first found out.

“The announcement took me by surprise, I can’t say otherwise,” he said. “But that moment was always going to happen at some point. It just had to. There’s only so far it can go.”


He added, “I mean, it’s been a worldwide monumental behemoth and has redefined television in its wake, really, and I think that having a long lead out is just fair testament to what that show is and what that show will always be.”

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