The Walking Dead ended its sixth series with a major cliffhanger

Someone met a gruesome end during the season six finale. But who?


[WARNING: Contains MAJOR SPOILERS for tonight’s season six finale, 9:00pm, Fox]


The Walking Dead’s sixth season bowed out with one serious shocker. The 90-minute series finale, which aired on AMC in the US last night, saw the gruesome and grisly demise of one main character. We just don’t know who it was…

The episode saw the long-awaited debut of Negan, the leader of the Saviors, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The comic book villain is know for carrying a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, which he calls Lucille. And Lucille was responsible for the murder of one of Rick’s group in the episode’s final moments.


With the group severely outnumbered and surrounded by Saviors, Negan makes his entrance. They drop to their knees while the character explains that he has to kill one of the group as payback for the fact they have killed so many Saviors.

But then the episode cut to black, revealing only the sounds of Negan beating one of 11 characters to death.

Was it Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, Carl, Maggie, Aaron, Eugene, Abraham or Sasha?

Who knows. It seems even the cast are in the dark. Chander Riggs, who plays Rick’s son Carl, tweeted:

Though frustrating, this death has hardly come as a surprise to the show’s fans. The Walking Dead’s 100th comic book, which was published four years ago, sees Negan beat Glenn to death. There have been months of speculation about how this scene would work in the TV show – and about who will die. The Walking Dead comics and TV series are often completely different, with some characters dead in one and alive in another or having completely different stories.

Either way, it looks like we are in for a lengthy wait before we find out who was on the other end of Negan’s deadly bat…


The Walking Dead season six concludes tonight at 9:00pm on Fox