The Tardis is in trouble in new Doctor Who Oxygen clip

A preview from this Saturday’s episode sees the Doctor, Bill and Nardole facing a nasty fate on a space station


After the latest episode of Doctor Who brought us chills, this Saturday’s edition looks set to bring the thrills, with a new preview clip of ‘Oxygen’ showing our time-travelling trio nearly thrown into deep space.


After flooding the chamber they’re entering with oxygen, the Doctor (peter Capaldi) Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) find that the space station doesn’t take to kindly to unauthorised air, with the automated systems decompressing the area and nearly sucking the entire group out of the airlock.

And it looks like the Tardis (which rapidly closes its doors when the decompression begins) could be heading for an early exit itself, with the iconic time-travelling police box being drawn out of the door by the powerful decompressive forces at work.

Trapped on a spaceship that apparently has deadly spacesuits, with no Tardis and no other option for survival than to put one on? We’d say that has the makings of a seriously exciting episode.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday at 7.15pm