The one thing you missed from yesterday’s Doctor Who ‘Missy returns’ video

Wait a second, what's that on her wrist?

Yesterday, it was officially confirmed by Missy herself that we’ll be seeing Michelle Gomez’s gender-swapped Master in the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 9 – a fact that she announced via the deliciously devious video below.


Yet amongst all the dramatics of Missy going bananas over her “nice, juicy apple,” there was a nifty little blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse of something Doctor Who fans know very well: a vortex manipulator.

Yep, 28 seconds in to the video Missy seems to switch hands for apparently no reason. It’s an innocent enough gesture – innocent enough for us to just put it down to another one of her hyper-real quirks. But some eagle-eyed fans have spotted that her other wrist hides-in-plain-sight the device used by Captain Jack Harkness and River Song for quick and easy time travel.

So, what does this mean? Could this be how Missy escaped her apparent death in Death in Heaven? Has she perhaps stolen the device from Captain Jack or River Song? And just where is her Tardis anyway? Let us know your theories below.


Doctor Who series nine returns later this year