Remember the Doctor Who story where the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack defeat the Autons using cabbages? No? That's because you haven't read it yet. But you'll soon be able to...


The adventure takes place in the pages of Dr Ninth, one of four new Doctor Who-Mr Men mash-up books based on Roger Hargreaves' classic characters – and we have an exclusive look inside...

We kick off with the Doctor and Rose running from the Autons (it helps if you imagine the Doctor with a Northern accent)...


Then another familiar face turns up...


After that, a lot of the story seems to involve cabbages...


And – spoiler alert! – they help save the day


Written and illustrated by Hargreaves' son Adam in the same unmistakable style, the four new Dr Men books feature the Second, Seventh and Eighth, as well as Ninth, Doctors and join the existing stories in the series, Dr First, Dr Fourth, Dr Eleventh and Dr Twelfth and Dr Tenth: Christmas Surprise.

Suitable for children and Doctor Who fans of all ages, Dr Second, Dr Seventh, Dr Eighth and Dr Ninth are released on 29th August and available to pre-order now in the UK and US.


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