The new Westworld trailer sets up a sophisticated story of robot slavery and rebellion

The HBO sci-fi Western series looks like it has taken the premise of the original film and really run with it...


Ah, so now we have a much clearer picture of what to expect from the Westworld TV series. The original 1973 movie starring Yul Brynner was a relatively straightforward techno-fear thriller about robots going rogue in a Wild West theme park. The androids themselves became malevolent but beyond that they didn’t have much personality.


But a new feature-length trailer for the HBO show suggests we are going to see far more from the robots’ side of things, in what looks increasingly like a sophisticated story of slavery and rebellion than of simply malfunctioning machines…

Certainly, Evan Rachel Wood’s character Dolores appears convinced she is a real person – “sometimes I feel like the world out there is calling me” – until she’s told by Anthony Hopkins’s sinister Dr Robert Ford, the man behind the theme park, “You’re in my dream”.

But for how long? Cut to a shot of Dolores as a badass gunslinger…


…and then, finally, an appearance from Ed Harris as a reimagining of Brynner’s Man in Black, asking “What if I told you I’m here to set you free?”


Yep, this series looks like it’s going to take the original Westworld concept and really run with it…


Westworld also stars Thandie Newton and James Marsden. It comes to Sky Atlantic in early October and will, we’re told, be shown “close to” the US air date.