Warner Bros' upcoming The Flash movie could function as a reboot for the DC Comics cinematic universe.


First announced way back in 2014, The Flash has had a difficult journey to the screen, lagging far behind its original release date due to several different directors dropping out of the project.

However, the film does appear to be finally moving forward with Andy Muschietti at the helm, best known to moviegoers as the director of Stephen King adaptations IT: Chapter One and Two.

Speaking on an episode of That Hashtag Show, he confirmed long-circulating reports that the film will adapt a particularly famous comic book storyline: Flashpoint.

The event series, first published in 2011, sees Barry Allen (aka The Flash) travel back in time to prevent his mother from dying when he was only a young boy.

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In doing so, he inadvertently creates a radically different world in the present day as his actions have unexpected repercussions.

The storyline ends with The Flash using his powers to create an entirely new universe featuring younger versions of the iconic DC characters. This version of reality is commonly referred to in comic book circles as the New 52.

It has been speculated by fans that this could be one method of tidying up the continuity issues of the DC universe, which is about to get even more complex with the addition of a new Bruce Wayne/Batman played by Robert Pattinson.

However, it is possible that the film could go in an entirely different direction, particularly after Muschietti's cryptic comments on That Hashtag Show.

He said the film will feature a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.”

That could be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, but the fact that the ambitious storyline is being brought to the screen at all will be enough to excite many fans.

Ezra Miller is expected to return as the title character, a role which he has previously played in Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League.

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The Flash is currently slated for release on 1st July 2022. Looking for something to watch tonight? Check out our TV Guide.