The Doctor Who series 10 finale can be described in just three words

Guest star Samantha Spiro hints at what to expect from Peter Capaldi’s greatest battle yet


With the Doctor Who series 10 finale only a couple of days away anticipation is at a fever pitch, with the whole world desperate to know how Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will defeat the Cybermen, save Bill (Pearl Mackie) and bring both Masters (John Simm and Michelle Gomez) to heel all while dealing with the prospect of his own imminent regeneration.


And now series guest star Samantha Spiro has shed some light as to what we can expect from The Doctor Falls, describing the story in three words for one of the more succinct hints for the series we’ve seen so far.

“It’s moving, scary, and the thing that comes mostly to me is that it’s emotional – but that’s moving really,” the actress told, before settling on a different combination: “Emotional, scary and unnerving.”

Now, if that doesn’t sound like a classic Doctor Who episode we don’t know what does – and Spiro says that working on this story gave her a new appreciation for the sci-fi series.

“I was a fan when I was a kid, then I sort of dipped in in the ‘modern era’ of the Doctors, I can’t say that I’ve watched it week in and week out and really know what’s going on,” she told us.

“Luckily [my character] Hazran didn’t need to know that information either because I wouldn’t even know where to begin! But I’ve been watching this series because you have more of a vested interest.

“I think Pearl Mackie is fantastic, watching Peter and Pearl work together I just love their relationship – and watching Matt [Lucas as Nardole], he’s just hilarious in it. It’s lovely to be able to watch it and have a connection to it.

“It’s really good fun,” she concluded. “You just love all those things as an actor. It’s just mucking about really, like being a little kid. So yeah, really good fun.”

With that crucial element of fun added, we’d now say this is sounding like a vintage Doctor Who adventure. If only we too were in a faster timestream that could get us to Saturday night a bit quicker…


Doctor Who series 10 concludes on BBC1 this Saturday 1st July at 6:30pm