Ten years of Doctor Who in 90 seconds: “It’s time for a new kind of hero”

As the Tardis materialises in new TV territories, this exhilarating BBC trailer explains the basics for the uninitiated and will whet the appetites of existing fans ahead of series nine...

How would you explain Doctor Who to someone who’d never seen it before? You could do worse than show them this tour of ten years of the rebooted show, which takes us through the basics – the Tardis, regeneration, monsters (and how they’re scared of the Doctor and not the other way round) – and introduces all four New Who incarnations, plus their friends and travelling companions, in just 90 seconds. 


The trailer from the BBC is aimed at viewers in India – who are about to be treated to their first official taste of the Time Lord when all eight series arrive on FX starting today, 15th May – as well as those watching on the Disney channel in America, but it’s also a pretty exhilarating recap of series one to eight for existing fans, that will whet your appetite for more adventures later this year…


Doctor Who series nine comes to BBC1 this autumn