Supergirl fans disappointed over International Women’s Day “super forced” storyline

Viewers accused the show of sending out the "wrong" message to young women

Melissa Benoist in the Supergirl TV series (Sky, HF)

International Women’s Day saw many uploading powerful messages and praising the women in their lives this weekend, as the event kicked off on 8th March.


But while it was mostly a joyous occasion with timelines filled with lots of inspirational women – from Michelle O to Meghan Markle – some fans weren’t too impressed with the latest episode of Supergirl.

Episode 14 of the superhero series, which aired on 8th March, saw Kara agree to go out on a date with William Dey. Her decision came after being “pressured” by others and William, as well as feeling guilty about turning him down previously.

Fans weren’t too pleased with this decision, especially given the fact that it was International Women’s Day.

Taking to Twitter, one angry fan wrote: “This storyline is just Kara turning down a guy and then feeling guilty because the guy is really sweet and likes her, so she feels like she owes it to him. This is not the kind of message you should be sending to young women #supergirl.”

Sharing similar views, one fan wrote sarcastically: “Happy international woman’s day to supergirl for constantly needing to force romances on Kara with sh**y toxic men. Y’all are such inspirations to young girls ugh amazing! #Supergirl”

Others were annoyed that William hadn’t backed down, despite Kara saying no previously, and pointed out that this wouldn’t send out a good message to young women about dating.

“Happy #InternationalWomensDay Where Supergirl‘s lead is forced into dating a guy that has no character, no story, & was guilted into dating him bc EVERYONE around her said to. Guess what? No doesn’t mean no, boys, keep bugging the girl you like, she’ll cave eventually,” one said.

#Supergirl when will you learn that #NoMeansNo?#Superforced And especially on International women’s Day, smh,” another added.


Supergirl airs on CW Sundays at 9pm.