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Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard knows how he’d like the series to end

Exclusive: the young actor, who plays Mike in the Netflix series, says we can expect a “scary, funny and fun” season 2

Published: Saturday, 21st October 2017 at 11:48 am

It’s less than a week until we return to the spooky 1980s world of Hawkins, Indiana for the second series of Netflix smash-hit Stranger Things, and we can hardly wait. Will Mike and Eleven be reunited? Will the Demogorgon return to enact vengeance? Or will yet more terrifying creatures from the Upside Down rise up to attack our world?


For now, these mysteries will remain just that – mysteries. But recently we got the chance to catch up with series star Finn Wolfhard, aka dungeonmaster/ leader of the kids Mike Wheeler, who was happy to drop a few hints about what was coming this time around.

“If I could describe it in three words it’d be scary, funny and fun!” the 14-year-old actor told, adding that after being largely absent the first time round missing boy Will Byers (Noah Schapp) would be a much bigger part this year.

“He's a really huge character in the second series,” he told us.

And with two more seasons planned by Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers after this one, Finn has a pretty good idea of how he’d like the whole thing to end – at least when it comes to his character Mike, who he also thinks should pick up a slightly surprising career.

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“I think I’d like Mike to be just a well-rounded person. Less sort of intense, and more happy with life in general.

“Yeah, I mean as long as he's happy...maybe he becomes a movie director! That's kind of how I see Mike. I see Mike as a creative person so I think once the third season hits....maybe there'll be some filmmaking. That'd be cool.”

Of course, more recently fans of the series might have seen Finn crop up in another 1980s creepfest – the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel IT, which has attracted rave reviews and has some pretty close parallels to Stranger Things.

“I think it's all coincidence!” the actor laughed.

“I mean, I auditioned for IT before I got Stranger Things, which was another 80s thing. So it was all coincidence I think, it wasn't ever on purpose.”

He added: “A lot of filmmakers are from the 80s and it's a great nostalgic time, so I think that's why it's coming back in such a big way.”

Whatever the truth, we can’t wait to go back in time to Hawkins once again, and meet all the “scary, funny and fun” adventures awaiting Mike, Will, Eleven and the other characters. This next week can’t pass quickly enough…


Stranger Things 2 comes to Netflix on Friday 27th October


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