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Stranger Things 2 had the best response to its season one critics

A very meta scene in the Netflix series acknowledged the criticism of the first season

Published: Monday, 30th October 2017 at 3:34 pm

While 80s-set Netflix sci-fi Stranger Things is hugely popular worldwide, it isn’t without its critics.


Since the series first arrived on Netflix in summer 2016, some viewers have accused it of trying to coast on its nostalgia appeal, stealing the warm tone and plot points of 80s classic like ET and The Goonies without actually coming up with many ideas of its own.

Of course, many fans would disagree with this assessment – but it’s clearly a criticism that series creators the Duffer Brothers have somewhat taken onboard going into Stranger Things season two, with the pair including a sneaky reference to the debate during the new season’s fifth episode.

After Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) tells new girl Max (Sadie Sink) about all the events of the first season, she sits quietly for a moment, before telling Lucas that she basically thinks the whole thing is a whole story that he made up.

Not only that: she also has a few criticisms of his storytelling skills that followers of Stranger Things opinion pieces might find familiar…

“Well, I mean I had a few issues,” Max tells Lucas. “I felt it was a little derivative in parts.”

She adds: “I just wish it’d had a little more originality. That’s all.”

It’s not quite like turning the tables on your critics – but it’s a bit like turning them upside down instead.


Stranger Things 2 is streaming on Netflix now


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