Steven Moffat apologises for spoiling The Weeping Angels’ appearance in Doctor Who series 13

Over the summer, he let slip the monsters were returning to terrify Team TARDIS.

Doctor Who

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has apologised for spoiling the return of his terrifying villains the Weeping Angels, now that their imminent appearance has been confirmed in the latest trailer.


The monsters first appeared in Moffat’s acclaimed 2007 episode Blink and have been a recurring thorn in The Doctor’s side ever since, but Flux will mark their first proper confrontation with Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation (following a cameo in New Year special Revolution of the Daleks).

The writer let slip way back in July that the Weeping Angels would show up in Doctor Who series 13 via an Instagram post, which was quickly amended when he discovered that he’d said more than he was supposed to – but by that point many news outlets had already picked up the announcement.

In a new video shared to his personal Twitter page, Moffat gave his “heartfelt” apologies for the misstep and cracked a joke that is sure to bring a smile to any Whovian’s face.

“That Doctor Who trailer is amazing, I have watched it 413 times and, for me, that is only the beginning,” he began. “But I would like to apologise for blowing the return of the Weeping Angels. I really didn’t mean to do that, I am tremendously sorry.

“But now you’ve all seen in the trailer, you know they’re there. Please accept my heartfelt apologies.”

The video ends on a humorous note as Moffat claims that showrunner Chris Chibnall had dispatched the Weeping Angels to his house as revenge for the leak.

“Chris was incredibly cross and, in fact, threatened to send the boys round, but I think he rather overestimates his power in that regard,” continued Moffat, as he tilted his camera to show a weeping angel standing behind him. “Anyway, it was the best trailer ever for Doctor Who and I hope you all enjoy the show.”

The video finishes with an end card that reads “Steven Moffat (1961 – 1702)”, confirming that the statue in the writer’s garden had indeed got to him, sending him more than 300 years back in time with its lethal touch.

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