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Steven Moffat is “a little cross” with John Barrowman after suggestions he’s blocking the Torchwood revival

The Doctor Who head writer wants fans to stop the hate mail

Published: Wednesday, 14th September 2016 at 8:34 am

Looks like things are getting a little heated in the world of Doctor Who and its various spin-offs.


Just a few days after former Who star John Barrowman told that “certain egos” were preventing his spin-off series Torchwood returning to TV – and then went on stage to hint that outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat could be one of said egos – Moffat has spoken out... and he’s not happy.

“You may be aware that John Barrowman has been saying, publicly, that I've been blocking a new series of Torchwood,” the Doctor Who head writer said in a statement on Doctor Who News.

“To be very clear – I haven't blocked it; I wouldn't block it; I wouldn't even be ABLE to block it. I didn't even know a revival had been mooted till I read about it on the Internet.

“As John perfectly well knows, it's not my show and I could no more prevent it happening that he could cancel Sherlock. I am bewildered, and a little cross, even to be included in this conversation.”

Funnily enough, Moffat actually created Barrowman’s character Captain Jack Harkness for his first appearances in 2005 Doctor Who two-parter The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Russell T Davies, Doctor Who showrunner at the time, later based spin-off Torchwood around the character. It ran for four series of differing lengths until 2011’s Miracle Day. Since then, barring the odd audio drama or comic book, the property has been dormant – despite the best efforts of Barrowman and co-star Eve Myles to resurrect it.

“For the record, I really liked the show (especially the third series) and would be very happy to see more – monsters and mayhem, why not?” Moffat continued.

“But the fact is, it has nothing to do with me. Please pass this on to the anxious and the angry – I've had enough hate mail now.”


Doctor Who will return to BBC1 this Christmas


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