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Steven Moffat has seen Jodie Whittaker’s first scenes in Doctor Who – and he had an unusual reaction

The exiting series showrunner is getting a taste of his own medicine when it comes to secrecy

Published: Wednesday, 23rd August 2017 at 3:56 pm

If you think you’re excited to see new Doctor Jodie Whittaker in action, you’ve got nothing on departing series showrunner Steven Moffat.


In fact, the writer (who departs the BBC sci-fi series this Christmas after seven years at the helm) is so pumped to see the new Time Lord take to the skies that he’s been going over all the released information like the most fanatical of fans – albeit with slightly better show connections than your average Whovian.

“Jodie Whittaker – what an amazing, thrilling, brand new choice,” Moffat says in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, on sale from Thursday.

“Like all of you, I’ve been poring over every picture, examining every performance, searing her into my brain. I see her face when I close my eyes. I now think she’s been the Doctor for 20 years!

“Remember that little announcement film? Fills me with nostalgia.”

However, being part of the Doctor Who family for a while longer (as well as the man in charge of Whittaker’s debut episode, Christmas special Twice Upon a Time) Moffat also has a better inside track that the rest of us – including a sneak pick at Thirteen’s newly-filmed introductory scenes.

But surprisingly, the screenwriter was keen to keep his mind unspoiled, deciding that interfering in new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s new era was very much not the Done Thing.

“Her very first performance as the Doctor is in the can,” he said. “And here’s the thing. The rushes were sent to me! The new Doctor in action for the very first time. Oh, the temptation.

“But I steeled myself,” he went on. “Not my Doctor, not my show, not any more. Strictly Chris’ business. It was time to be an industry professional, respectful of his colleagues, not a drooling fanboy. Never, in all my years, has me self-discipline been so tested.”

Moral superiority confirmed, Moffat added: “She was great, by the way.”

Well, that’s very good to hear – and if we’re honest, who among us in his position wouldn’t have sneaked a peek themselves?


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas


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