You don’t need to wield the power of precognition to see what mutants will appear in the upcoming X-Men TV series: Fox has dropped the first trailer for The Gifted. And it’s awesome.

Most awesome is the new superpowered kids on the block. First up is Lauren Strucker (played by Natalie Alyn Lind) who can manipulate air – either to cheat vending machines or prevent an entire school smashing into her skull. Next is her brother Andy who possesses the ability to conjure up what looks like a sonic boom if he’s under threat.

And then there’s a whole X-Jet of characters we get a glimpse of in action, including photon manipulator Eclipse, teleporter Blink, magnetic-field creator Polaris and super-athlete Thunderbird.

So, what will actually happen in this Marvel series from X-Men film director Bryan Singer? Well, The Gifted follows a suburban couple (Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer) who discover their children possess special powers. This forces them on the run from the pesky government, right into the hands of an underground network of mutants.

And if nothing else, the first episode will be worth a watch for the obligatory cameo from Stan Lee, who will have hopefully stopped chatting to The Watchers by then…

The Gifted will air in late 2017-early 2018