It’s now been over 14 years since Doctor Who made its big 21st-century comeback when showrunner Russell T Davies successfully established a new era for the Time Lord.


However, despite earning God/Doctor-like status among Whovians after his five years helming the BBC show, Davies has vowed not to write another episode.

Speaking about a possible return to Who at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, Davies told us a comeback will never be on the cards – even if he had the opportunity to write a special Who 60th anniversary episode. “It'll be like coming back to a job I did 10 years ago, wouldn’t it? Who would do that?”

Seems like Davies' views haven’t shifted since he penned the novelisation of episode Rose. Speaking then, he said: “Really, think about it. Go back to the job you had 13 years ago. Or go back to your old school. Walk in, say hello, take your old seat. And start giving instructions! Watch everyone’s faces. Shortly before they call the police.

“Move on! And besides. Why look back? The future is golden.”

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Although he won’t be returning to Who, Davies’ upcoming TV project Years and Years will be another time-jumping drama – but won’t include a Tardis. Instead, the six-part series starring Emma Thompson will follow one family, the Lyons from Manchester, through events of a near and dangerous future.

“It jumps five years ahead in the first episode and then every week it goes forward another year more or less. But in the end, it will be set 15 years in the future,” Davies explained.

“The world has got madder over the past few years,” he added. “I thought of this series before the 2008 recession – before Trump, before Brexit. I sat back as the world got madder and madder and truly the night of Trump’s election, I emailed the head of drama at the BBC saying if Trump gets in I was going to write it now!”

Of course, there’s one big question many fans need to know about Years and Years: will Doctor Who still exist in this mad version of 2035? "Of course it will!” Davies told us with a laugh.

“Doctor Who is forever! It's the one unchanging thing in the world!”


Years and Years will be BBC1 Spring 2018