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Russell T Davies reveals his favourite Doctor Who monster — and reacts to the Judoon's return

Davies has responded to the "marvellous" return of the Judoon, a rhino-like alien that he previously invented

Published: Sunday, 7th July 2019 at 3:19 pm

Doctor Who's former showrunner Russell T Davies has revealed his favourite monster from the long-running sci-fi series — and we'll admit, he's picked a pretty iconic choice...


"Daleks. I love the Daleks I’m afraid," he told "[Of the monsters I’ve personally created] I love them all really, I can’t pick one."

Speaking at the South Bank Show Awards, Davies said that the return of the Judoon, a rhino-like mercenary alien which will make an appearance in the next Doctor Who series starring Jodie Whittaker, was "marvellous" news — especially since he'd invented them.

"They are [returning]. Very good research, yes, I know about it," Davies told "It’s marvellous, because I know about these things before the public because I own the copyright of them, so they have to phone me up and say, 'Can we bring them back?' As if I’m going to say no. And I also get a little bit of money for it, which is very nice – not much, it’s the BBC. But I knew that about six months ago. 

"Normally lawyers would do it, but [current showrunner Chris Chibnall] just sent me an email directly, saying, 'Oi, could we have the Judoon please?' And I said. 'Of course you can,'" he added.

"I do love [the Judoon], out of everything I’ve created. There’s something very gloriously daft about them, they wouldn’t fit into Star Trek, they wouldn’t fit into Stargate, and that’s a very good sign of a Doctor Who monster, when they won’t fit into any other show. So I love them, really."

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