Russell T Davies reveals Rose: The Sequel is coming and it’s “brand new” Doctor Who material

A trip of a lifetime, indeed

Doctor Who: Rose

Whovians rejoice! Again! After Steven Moffat dropped a special video for the communal viewing of Doctor Who 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, Russell T Davies is serving up something similar for the Rose rewatch (7pm today).


Ahead of the planned revisit to NuWho’s first episode – 15 years since it aired on BBC One – the former showrunner has said fans can expect a prequel and sequel to Christopher Eccleston’s debut adventure as the Doctor.

As he recently outlined on Twitter, we can expect the “prequel” to drop at 2pm (then 2.30pm in a mysterious “different format” on Instagram), before the “sequel” drops after the re-watch finishes at 7.45pm.

And now Davies has tweeted a short tease for the “sequel,” suggesting it will pick up with the deadly Nestene Consciousness and the Auton Army following the events of the original episode.

He ended the first tweet with the hashtag #TripOfALifetime – in reference to the trailer which advertised the first series of the Doctor Who revival back in 2005.

What exactly will the sequel involve? Will it feature a cameo comeback from some of the show’s stars? Just maybe.

Watchalong organiser Emily Cook has revealed on Twitter it involves a brand new script, penned by Davies.

As previously revealed by Davies, Rose: The Prequel is “a lost piece of history from the 50th anniversary year, 2013”.

In other words: ring the cloister bell. This is going to be massive.

Find out how to join in with the Rose rewatch here.


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