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Remembering the REAL Bill and Heather in unseen photos of Doctor Who's David Bradley and Lesley Manville

Companion Bill Potts and her girlfriend Heather were named after another important couple from Doctor Who history, as brought to life in a 2013 photoshoot for the 50th anniversary drama An Adventure in Space and Time

Published: Saturday, 1st July 2017 at 6:30 pm

As Heather and Bill Potts unite to save the Twelfth Doctor in the series ten finale – and as David Bradley returns to the Doctor Who fold in the jaw-dropping cliffhanger leading into this year’s Christmas special – we thought it exactly the time to liberate some rare photos from the Radio Times Archive.


Many never published before, they show David Bradley and Lesley Manville as Doctor Who’s original Bill and Heather – the Hartnells. William (Bill) Hartnell was, of course, the first Doctor Who, and he and his wife provided the inspiration for the names of the Doctor's latest companion and her very unusual girlfriend.

The pictures were taken in 2013 at the start of filming for An Adventure in Space and Time, Mark Gatiss’s drama about the origins of Doctor Who, made for the programme’s 50th anniversary.

The Radio Times team and photographer Gary Moyes were on location with the cast and crew as they braved the chill of a winter morning on Monday 4 February to shoot scenes at Queensmere pond on Wimbledon Common.

The director of An Adventure in Space and Time was Terry McDonough, while the producer was Matt Strevens, who is taking over as Chris Chibnall’s fellow executive producer for the 11th series of Doctor Who.

Lesley Manville as Heather Hartnell and David Bradley as William Hartnell on Wimbledon Common, filming An Adventure in Space and Time on 4 February 2013. Radio Times asked them to pose with a mock-up of Hartnell's first RT cover as Doctor Who from 1964.
Lesley Manville as Heather Hartnell and David Bradley as William Hartnell on Wimbledon Common.
Lesley Manville and David Bradley are joined by Bailey (as Stumpy the dog)
Scene 25. Take 9. Lesley Manville, David Bradley and Bailey are ready for action!
The cast and crew prepare for another shot on Wimbledon Common.
Director Terry McDonough (in the cap) chats with the actors.
Mr Bradley's hair-piece needs attention
David Bradley chatting with producer Matt Strevens and director Terry McDonough
Producer Matt Strevens, director Terry McDonough and David Bradley sharing a laugh
Another set-up for the Hartnells on Wimbledon Common
Costume tweak for Mr Bradley.
The director talks to the cast
Take 3 of Scene 100 as Heather (Lesley Manville) prepares to read some fan mail to Bill (David Bradley)
Heather reads some fan mail to Bill
Heather (Lesley Manville) looks on as William Hartnell (David Bradley) signs an autograph for young fan Alan (Reece Pockney)

Photographed by Gary Moyes (4 February 2013). All photos copyright Radio Times Archive.



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