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Red Dwarf writer has ideas for "lots of different stories" and would "love to do more" feature-length specials

Doug Naylor confirms he has no plans to end the sci-fi sitcom any time soon.

Red Dwarf: The Promised Land
UKTV/Gareth Gatrell
Published: Thursday, 16th April 2020 at 12:31 pm

Red Dwarf's recent feature-length special The Promised Land was a ratings hit for Dave, peaking at over a million viewers – and the good news for fans is that writer Doug Naylor still has ideas for "lots of different stories".


In a new interview, Naylor revealed that he'd be keen to produce more episodes in the 90-minute format – but that he has to wait on the green light from broadcaster UKTV.

"I love the format of the film-length [episode] and would love to do more," Naylor told the Two Geeks, Two Beers podcast.

"[I've got] lots of different stories... but until they actually go 'Yes, OK' you don't narrow it down. It depends on the budget, it depends who we can get to be in it."

Red Dwarf producer Richard Naylor added: "There are a million ideas, but it's hard to focus on something... at this point, we don't know if anything's happening or if it's a special or it's a series."

"And also, I do want to do something new as well," Doug said. "So it's juggling the two."

So what adventures might the boys from the Dwarf embark on after The Promised Land? Asked if Captain Hollister (Mac McDonald) and the revived crew of Red Dwarf – last seen fleeing the ship at the close of series eight – could return, Doug didn't rule out..

"They could be on a planet somewhere and a whole new civilisation could have grown up, you just don't know..." he said. "This is where you go, 'Actually, we're looking for a new antagonist' and you go, 'Oh, OK, what happened to the crew?'."

Whatever happens next, there are no plans to wrap up Red Dwarf for good. "We've always said that we don't want to do the 'final show' – where Lister's back on Fuchal, he's got his white horses and somehow he's got Kochanski and they ride off into the distance and everyone goes 'What a lame s**t show that was' – it would be just horrific."

Richard added: "I think if you were gonna end it... there'd possibly be a chance in a novel or something. [Doug has] got some things that he's told me that I genuinely think would be great endings, but those big moments, sometimes when you try and do them on a sitcom budget, even if it's a healthy budget, it just doesn't quite have the impact."

"And also I don't want it to end," Doug said. "Going 'That's the end'... I think that would be horrible. I'm tearing up just thinking about it!"


Red Dwarf: The Promised Land is available to watch on UKTV Play – you can also pre-order the DVD now on Amazon. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide


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