See first look trailer for Raised by Wolves, Ridley Scott’s HBO Max android drama series

The new series by the legendary sci-fi director will be on HBO Max from 3rd September.

Amanda collin, raised by wolves

The first full-length trailer for legendary sci-fi director Ridley Scott’s series Raised by Wolves is out and the post-apocalyptic drama looks, quite frankly, stunning.


The director of Alien, Blade Runner and The Martian appears to have blended classic android characters with the fairytale of the Big Bad Wolf for Warner Bros’ new channel HBO Max.

Raised by Wolves is the story of an android character called Mother (Swedish actress Amanda Collin), who is a surrogate carer for a bevy of human children who are left parentless after a war has destroyed Earth so, according to EW, she was built to start anew by raising humans on a virgin planet.

Raised by Wolves is complicated by the conventional robot vs human dichotomy – Mother and another robot carer fear that the colony will be destroyed by the unpredictable natures of the humans. To further stoke the drama, a stranger (Australian Vikings star Travis Fimmel) enters their world and introduces the idea that Mother may in fact be the proverbial Big Bad Wolf from the stories told to children.

Scott directed the first two episodes of the 10-part series, while his son Luke Scott helmed three episodes, but Raised by Wolves is actually the brainchild of Aaron Guzikowski, best known for writing the 2013 Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman movie Prisoners. The series marks Scott’s directorial debut for US television.
Raised by Wolves is set to premiere on the HBO Max streaming platform from 3rd September, which is a problem for UK audiences because HBO Max isn’t available here and isn’t likely to be in the near future due to the first-look content deal Sky has with HBO programming.

However, viewers can see some HBO shows on the NOW TV streaming service. It’s not yet clear if Raised by Wolves will be offered on this platform.

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