Peter Capaldi uses previous Doctor Who soundtracks to get into character

The Doctor admits he got “teary” when he heard his own theme music

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi may, for many, seem like he simply embodies the character of the Doctor. Pop that coat on, lace up those boots, nip into the Tardis and boom, he’s the Twelfth Doctor. But Capaldi actually has another trick up his sleeve to help him get into character: music.


Not just any music, of course. Doctor Who music.

“I use music to get into character sometimes, including previous Doctor Who soundtracks,” Capaldi told The Mirror.

In fact, when Capaldi heard his own theme he admits he “got all teary”.

“I know I’m over the top, but I never thought I would hear that,” Capaldi explained.

Of playing the legendary character, the actor admits he approaches the role with a “deep Scottish melancholy” because he knows it has to come to an end one day.

“I will cross that bridge when we come to it,” he said adding, “Which may be sooner rather than later.”

The new series returns to BBC1 on September 19th and, with the help of a detailed look at a recent snap shot, we’ve got some ideas on what might be in store.


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