Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who without Jenna Coleman: “I miss her very much”

The Time Lord had some very lovely things to say about his former companion — and he hopes they'll work together again...


While Peter Capaldi is excited about looking for a new companion, he has also said that he misses Jenna Coleman “very much.”


Speaking to exclusively at the Radio Times covers party, the Doctor Who star had some truly heart-warming things to say about the actress who played his sidekick Clara Oswald.

In the video below, Capaldi said; “Jenna’s fantastic, I miss her very much.

“We had such a great relationship.  She was so good. She’s a fabulous actress, she has great depth, and great lightness, and humour, warmth and passion.

“And she’s a star, an absolute Audrey Hepburn. She’s also a great person, so I shall miss her very much.”


Watch the full video to hear what Capaldi has to say about Coleman…