Peter Capaldi did a very sweet thing for a young fan while filming the Doctor Who Christmas special

Even as he’s leaving, the ambassador for all things Who can’t help but be an inspiration

Peter Capaldi

The Doctor Who Christmas 2017 special Twice Upon a Time marks the departure of current Doctor Peter Capaldi, with the Twelfth Time Lord handing over Tardis-piloting duties to Jodie Whittaker in the closing moments of the episode.


But if you thought his imminent departure would make Capaldi a little demob-happy and less inclined to perform his Doctorly duties, think again – because one of his co-stars has revealed that even in his downtime on set, Capaldi was still keen to inspire a young fan who just wanted to meet his hero.

“There was one young lad, who’s been fostered by friends of ours,” David Bradley, who plays the First Doctor in the festive episode, told of one special set visit.

“And he was so excited, so excited. Peter came over into the hospitality tent where all the cameras were, and said, ‘Where’s this friend….where’s Chris?’ And I said, ‘There he is.’

“And then Peter spent about 15 minutes drawing a Dalek with hobnailed boots and a bowler hat,” Bradley said. “Really funny detail – he went to art school, did Peter, before he became an actor.

Peter Capaldi draws a Dalek for Radio Times in 2016
Peter Capaldi draws a Dalek for Radio Times in 2016

“He could have easily done a quick sketch or a quick autograph,” Bradley went on.

“He was preparing for the next scene, we were both trying to learn our lines as each scene came up, because we had to work quite quickly. We didn’t get the scripts until just a few days before we started filming, so there wasn’t much downtime.

“But Peter, bless him, he took the time to draw this very complicated sketch for this young boy, and he absolutely loved it.

“Oh, the kids that we brought are still talking about it,” he concluded. “And they can’t wait ’til Christmas!”

Good to know that even in his last days, the Twelfth Doctor is still being a hero to kids everywhere.


Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time airs on BBC1 on Christmas Day (Monday 25th December) at 5.30pm