When is Penny Dreadful: City of Angels on TV? Who is in the cast? What’s it about?

All the details about the upcoming Penny Dreadful spin-off…

Natalie Dormer Penny Dreadful

Four years after Penny Dreadful ended, fans will be bale to revisit the series’ haunting world thanks to upcoming sequel Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.


Starring Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer, the spin-off takes the show into a brave new world – and promises to be just as creepy as the original.

Here’s everything we know about it so far…

When will Penny Dreadful: City of Angels be released and where can I watch it?

The series premiered on Showtime in the US on 26th April 2020, so UK fans have had a bit of a wait. However, it has now been confirmed that the entire series will be available for Sky Atlantic and NOW TV users from 1st July.

In other words, yes, it’s time for a major binge.

What is Penny Dreadful: City of Angels about?

The new series takes place 40 years after the original series. It’s set in 1938 Los Angeles during Hollywood’s Golden Age, a time and place deeply intertwined with Mexican-American folklore and social tension.

When a macabre murder shocks the city, Detective Tiago Vega (Daniel Zovatto) goes on a heroic journey, reflecting the rich history of Los Angeles, from the construction of the city’s first freeways and its deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore, to the dangerous espionage actions of the Third Reich and the rise of radio evangelism. Soon, Tiago and his family grapple with powerful forces threatening to tear them apart.

Speaking of the show, Creator John Logan told reporters at the Television Critics Association: “The most important thing to remember for me about this show is, while it’s set in 1938, it’s about 2020.

“Looking over the world landscape now, I am struck by parallels… particularly the rise of extremist political hatred, a sort of racist demagoguery that is taken for granted, by the pernicious influence of foreign power in our electoral process, and particularly by the marginalisation and victimisation of an ethnic community. And as the son of immigrants myself, this is a story I wanted to tell.”

Who’s in the cast?

Game of Thrones actress, Natalie Dormer plays Magda, a supernatural demon who can assume the form of anyone she chooses and manifests in a number of guises throughout the story.

Dormer divulged that, whilst viewers will meet two of her character’s iterations in the series premiere, the following episodes will reveal more. “Every good protagonist needs an antagonist and I just have a lot of fun interweaving with all the cast, being several antagonists, which I am thrilled to be doing. Every character [has a] different wig, different voice, different physicality.” Here’s a glimpse at the character’s many faces:

Lorenza Izzo will play Magda’s sister, Santa Muerte, the Angel of Holy Death.

An original Penny Dreadful star will make an appearance as a brand new regular character – Rory Kinnear, who played the Creature in the original series. This time, he’s stars as Dr Peter Craft, a successful German paediatrician and the Head of the German-American Bund, an organisation he hopes will ensure the USA’s isolation from the growing threat of war in Europe.

Craft is set to go head to head with Herman Ackermann (Ethan Peck), the charismatic second-in-command at the German-American Bund, while Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) plays Craft’s wife, Linda. The character has been described as a fading American Beauty “who’s unhappy with her husband and tired of suburban life”.

As well as Daniel Zovatto (It Follows) playing Detective Tiago Vega, viewers will get to meet the extended Vega family. Johnathan Nieves plays Mateo Vega, Tiago’s kind-hearted but volatile younger brother. Jessica Garza (The Purge) has been cast as the youngest of the Vega family, Josefina, who also possesses a powerful spirit waiting to be unleashed. Adriana Barraza (Babel) is Maria, the Vega family’s formidable matriarch, who will do whatever is necessary to protect her children from the perilous world of 1938 social politics and deadly spirits. And Adam Rodriguez (Criminal Minds) will recur as Raul Vega, the eldest son of the Vega family and an honourable union leader and advocate for his people.

City of Angels cast

Michael Gladis (Mad Men) will essay the role of Councilman Charlton Townsend, the ambitious head of the LA City Council’s Transportation Committee. Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) will play Captain Ned Vanderhoff, precinct captain at the Hollenbeck police station in Boyle Heights — Tiago Vega boss. As a veteran officer under much pressure, Vanderhoff struggles to stabilise the volatile and mutable city. Dottie Minter, played by Lin Shaye (Insidious), will be an invaluable collaborator in the fight against Third Reich espionage in LA.

Creators have also cast Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron) as Richard Goss, an aristocratic and mysterious German architect with grand plans for the future of Los Angeles who’s got unsettling connections to City Hall. Finally, Shadowhunters’ Dominic Sherwood will play the role of Goss’ chauffeur and bodyguard, Kurt, who has a surprising background.


Is there a trailer?

Yes! You can watch it here: