New star-studded Black Mirror trailer shows social media gone mad

Airing on Netflix later this month, the third dystopian series will feature the likes of Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, Jerome Flynn and Gugu Mbatha-Raw


The new trailer for season 3 of Black Mirror is here, and it looks darker and more star-studded than ever.


Charlie Brooker’s cautionary tales of techno-paranoia move to Netflix this year, with a larger series totalling six episodes, a lot of familiar faces and, of course, more twisted visions of technology and human nature.

The trailer features the likes of Bryce Dallas Howard, Michael Kelly (looking like he’s just playing Doug from House of Cards again) Alice Eve, Jerome Flynn, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Kelly Macdonald, showing just how far the cult popularity of the sci-fi drama has come – and from the glimmers we see in the trailer, each one looks caught up in a different new world, as carved out by showrunner Charlie Brooker.

The names behind the camera are just as huge; episode Nosedive is helmed by Atonement and Pride and Prejudice director Joe Wright and co-written by Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones. Owen Harris, who gave us the now iconic episode Be Right Back, is back in the director’s chair too, this time tackling episode San Junipero.

As is Black Mirror’s mysterious way, we don’t know much about the plots of each episode yet, but from glimmers in the trailer it looks like Brooker and his team are looking into webcam and selfie culture, social media ‘likes’ gone mad, and what looks like a Call of Duty style video game brought to life. Things haven’t lightened up, then.


All six episodes are available on Netflix on October 21st