New Doctor Who stars Pearl Mackie and David Suchet are sharing the love

The latest guest star and new Doctor’s companion are now friends


David Suchet, yes Hercule Poirot, just finished filming his guest appearance for upcoming series 10 of Doctor Who. And although the only thing we can tell you about his character is that he’s called the ‘The Landlord’ (believe us, we’ve got a lot of questions about the role), we can let you know Suchet had an amazing time on set.


In particular, it looks like he made a new friend out of Pearl Mackie – AKA Bill, the new Doctor’s assistant – who sent the sweetest reply to Suchet’s tweet.

And then Suchet — brace yourself — tweeted back! With a rose emoji!


If you can predict the birth of a long-lasting friendship through a couple of tweets (which for the purpose of this article we’ll say you definitely can), this looks like the beginning of something beautiful.