New Doctor Who spin-off Class now has a logo

But what does it mean?


Well, here’s the bad news: Fear is coming, tragedy is coming, war is coming. And the good news? It’s coming in the form of Class, the new BBC3 Doctor Who spin-off set in Coal Hill School.


That’s the message that accompanies the new logo for the show.

It’s sleek. It’s dark. And it’s got what looks like a sun shining through the rift that we know is a feature of the show. And essentially, the logo embodies the gloomier tone of the spin-off (the first picture released gives the impression Class will be a slightly scarier, more serious take on the world of Doctor Who, akin to Torchwood).

So, how did has it gone down with fans? Very well.

Actually, maybe a bit too well…

And it’s set off an online chant of “Trailer! Trailer!”


We’ll send it your way as soon as it materialises.