New Doctor Who companion Bill is shaping up to be quite the style icon

Here's a new shot of Pearl Mackie in the TARDIS rocking another great look


Clara Oswald was always pretty on point when it came to her fashion sense (back in the day, we often showed you how to get Jenna Coleman’s latest look). And it seems like new companion Bill is going to pick up the baton, fielding a striking style all of her own.


When she first made her appearance as the Doctor’s new partner in time, Pearl Mackie was rocking an 80s-influenced look that included the sneakers everyone wanted and a seemingly prescient Prince T-shirt, just a day after his Purpleness passed away.

We’ve since seen her in some other great outfits, including this stripy number…

…and now – in a new shot of Mackie totally owning the TARDIS console room – these awesome dungarees with more colourful stripes.


It’s still a few months until we get to see Bill in action but it seems pretty clear she’s going to brighten up our lives…