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Netflix reveals TWO new Black Mirror trailers

Charlie Brooker tackles creepy high-tech parenting and invasion of memory in two of the new episodes

Published: Monday, 27th November 2017 at 10:50 am

After debuting a poster earlier this week, even more material for the upcoming new series of Black Mirror (and, more specifically, its Jodie Foster-directed first episode Ark Angel) has been released online, in the form of an episode trailer starring Rosemarie DeWitt and young actor Aniya Hodge.


And in keeping with what we’ve seen so far, the new footage appears to be teasing a sinister tale of over-parenting, with DeWitt’s protective mother installing some sort of software (presumably the titular Ark Angel) into the brain of her daughter Sarah after the latter briefly goes missing in their hometown.

Exactly what his implant will do to Sarah is unclear (though the trailer does include some slightly twisted child’s drawings, suggesting it does not leave her psyche entirely unscarred), but we do know one thing for sure – whatever does happen, it’ll definitely make us think about the impact of technology on our lives, even if the idea is presented in an excitingly embellished sci-fi manner. Classic Black Mirror fun from Charlie Brooker.

UPDATE: a second Black Mirror trailer has been released, this time for an episode entitled Crocodile.

This film is set in Iceland in the near future, when memories are no longer private and can therefore be dredged up – sometimes in helpful ways. If you think it sounds a bit similar to series one's The Entire History of You, it's not quite, because in Crocodile it is memories rather than recordings that are played back, and they can therefore be influenced by emotion and be inaccurate.

It stars Andrea Riseborough (National Treasure), Andrew Gower (Outlander) and British actress Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered by My Father) and is directed by The Road's John Hillcoat.


Black Mirror returns to Netflix soon


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