New Black Mirror poster hints at an eerie parenting tale

Ark Angel is coming

Black Mirror

If the ongoing worldwide struggle for the best online deals on and around Black Friday makes you feel like the world is creeping ever closer to a technological dystopia (some great deals here, by the way!), then it seems only appropriate that around the same time we’re also getting a little more information about the new series of Black Mirror, an ACTUAL tech dystopia drama coming back to Netflix in the near future.


While we’re still not sure when the new series is coming to our TV and computer screens, a new poster for one of the episodes – Jodie Foster-directed Ark Angel – does suggest that we can at least rely on the series to be as creepy and timely as ever, with the new image showing a woman playing with her child under the heading “Mother Will Protect You”.

How exactly this slightly sinister helicopter parenting mantra will be translated by writer Charlie Brooker into a technological parable about modern life (starring Rosemarie DeWitt, Brenna Harding and Owen Teague, fact fans) remains to be seen, but we’re guessing the whole thing DOESN’T end up with the mother and child happily chuckling over an old photo album.

I mean, at the very least, it’ll be some sort of EVIL TECHNOLOGY photo album, right?


Black Mirror returns to Netflix soon