Netflix re-cut Stranger Things season one as an 80s rom-com

The Steve-Nancy-Jonathan love triangle is at the centre of the oddly cheery clip

Stranger Things Steve & Nancy

We’re less than a month away from Stranger Things season two, and in order to preserve the mystery for the new episodes and whet our appetite at the same time, Netflix have thrown together a new trailer for series one which spins the entire show as a typical 1980s rom-com a la the recut trailer meme.


The clip puts Nancy Wheeler’s love triangle with Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers at the heart of the story, set against some uplifting 80s rock as opposed to the usual eerie John Carpenter synths. The scary bits are nowhere to be seen, and it makes Hawkins Indiana look a LOT more hospitable.

Check out the trailer for this alternative version of Stranger Things, ‘Love in the Upside Down’, below.

We love Stranger Things exactly how it is, but this actually looks pretty good too. Plus, it’s quite possible that Barb, who gets a supporting role in the trailer, would have made it through to the end credits of this one.

Alas, it looks like we’re set for a bumpy road when the show returns just in time for Halloween.


Find out everything we know about Stranger Things season 2 here. The new season will be released on Netflix on Friday 27th October.