Michelle Gomez still wants her own Doctor Who spin-off – “Now that’s worth campaigning for”

And other things we learned from the Missy star’s reddit AMA


This week saw Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez (aka Time Lady villain Missy) take to reddit for a special Ask Me Anything session, ahead of her return to the BBC sci-fi stalwart this Saturday.


And in keeping with her madcap TV persona the session was chock-full of off-colour remarks, hilarious jokes and a humourous disdain for stupid questions as fans of the series put their burning queries to her.

Among other things, we learned her top line as Missy (“Tell him the bitch is back”) her least favourite part of being in the series (“Having to be absolutely fabulous all the time. It’s very tiring”) and even which former Doctors she’d like to have met up with, settling on a mixture of Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee’s incarnations (“Missy would like to go to Paris with them for a croissant on the Champs Elysees followed by a quick trip up the Eiffel Tower”).

Oh, and she also finally revealed her number-one filming experience in the entire series – “Shoving Clara down a hole. It made me laugh.” Classic Missy.

And while she wouldn’t be drawn on whether it’s really Missy hidden in the Doctor’s vault – “I’m not answering your question, you silly sausage,” she told one overzealous interrogator – she did reiterate her support for her character getting her own spin-off, despite announcing a few days earlier that she was waving goodbye to the main series for good this year.

“Missy Who? Make it happen, bitches,” she told her fans. “Now that’s worth campaigning for.”

If the spin-off is half as much fun as the full AMA, which you can read here, sign us up.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday at 7:25pm