She may have gone onto lose out on the Best Supporting Actress gong to This Is England '90's Chanel Cresswell but Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez was in high spirits on the BAFTA TV Awards red carpet.

"I'm so excited. I'm having a hard time stringing sentences together because I'm a bit kind of blown away, really. And grateful", she told "I'm up there just pissing around [on Doctor Who] and that's also why I can't quite believe I'm here. I had so much fun."

Speaking of fun, what kind of evil fun would Missy get up to if she got her hands on new Doctor Who companion Bill?

I really am just a meat puppet, I'm not the one with the ideas, Steven Moffat is the genius so I don't know where he's headed with that or what Missy would do with her," said Gomez, before suggesting Missy would probably "just give her a big hug."

Missy's track record wouldn't suggest Bill's in for a cuddle from the Time Lady, though. Poor old Clara took enough flack from her between series eight and nine.

"D'you know what, this is very naughty because I love Jenna Coleman very much but I did think Missy probably quite enjoyed pushing her down that hole" Gomez laughed when asked to name her favourite of Missy's evil deeds. "Michelle didn't enjoy pushing Jenna down that hole but I think Missy did."

And now for the all-important question – has she been talking to the Doctor Who powers that be about a possible return in series 10?

"Might have done, might not have done", Gomez teased in her distinct Glaswegian tones, telling she certainly hoped to head off on another adventure in space and time.

"I hope so, I mean you just never know. They do keep their cards close to their chest."