Matt Smith says he’ll never be as famous for anything as he is for Doctor Who

The actor's pretty proud of his stint as the Time Lord


Becoming the 11th Time Lord was a major career milestone for actor Matt Smith and now he’s sure he’ll never be as famous for anything as he is for playing The Doctor.


And he’s very very very proud of it too.

“it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life” Smith told TimeOut during an interview about his new play, Unreachable. “I don’t think I’ll be as famous for anything [else] because it’s got so much cultural relevance.”

Smith, who has been rumoured to return for a stint during Steven Moffat’s final series at the helm next year, reflects fondly on his adventures in space and time. “It was a wonderful experience for me and my family. I still do all the conventions and stuff”, he said.

And he’s pretty excited about his next adventure too, taking on the role of Prince Philip in Netflix’s royal drama, The Crown. Smith will play Philip to Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth, and says his research for the role has given him new respect for the House of Windsor – a sentiment he previously expressed to

“When he was younger he was a bit of a rock ’n’ roller. I’ve fallen in love with him and the royal family, actually. He had the most extraordinary early life and quite a mad family. He lost his sister in a plane crash then went to learn to fly planes. And he was a naval man – I mean, he’s revered in the navy. Philip’s cool, man, Philip’s a cool dude.”

You know what else are cool Matt?

Bow ties.

And fezzes.

And glasses.


Or so we’ve been told.