Matt Smith: I’m jealous of Peter Capaldi

The former Doctor Who star says his successor has some great adventures in store in the new series

Matt Smith always said that leaving Doctor Who was a hard thing to do, and it seems he may be regretting it just a tiny bit more after discovering what’s in store for his successor Peter Capaldi.


Smith revealed he’s been pumping showrunner Steven Moffat for information about the new series of Doctor Who – and says that what he’s learnt has made him more than a little envious of the 12th Doctor.

”I rang Steven Moffat up the other day and found out everything about the new series,” said Smith, speaking at the recent Calgary Expo in Canada. “It sounds really good! I was really jealous actually.”

Apparently keen to get his Doctor Who fix, Smith has been throwing himself into the convention circuit since his departure from the show. And during a recent appearance at Wizard World in Minneapolis he joked of Capaldi: ”Will he be better than me? I hope not,” before going on to point out that every Doctor has his own generation of fans.

”[Capaldi] will be different, and it will be a different show and it will be a new show and that’s what Doctor Who is about, and I’ve got to let it go. And the great thing about it is everyone has their own Doctor. So, hopefully, there’s a few eight or nine-year-olds out there who I’ve claimed.”

Smith left the show at the end of the 2013 Christmas special, regenerating into Capaldi after a four-year stint in the Tardis. Capaldi will make his full debut as the Doctor when the show returns for series eight later this year.