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Mandip Gill responds to Doctor Who exit rumours

Are Yaz and Ryan leaving the TARDIS behind? The answer is still a mystery...

Published: Tuesday, 18th February 2020 at 11:23 am

For weeks rumours have been flying that some of Doctor Who’s cast could be flying the nest, with only series lead Jodie Whittaker confirmed to be signed on for series 13.


This leaves a big question mark over the fates of co-stars Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh, so will Ryan, Yaz and/or Graham be leaving the TARDIS behind?

When we caught up with Mandip Gill at the Radio Times Covers Party, she wasn’t telling – apparently because she didn’t actually know if her character would be making another appearance herself.

“I'd love to [come back]” Gill told “But again, because of the secrecy no-one ever knows what's going on.”

Yes, according to Gill even she is currently in the dark when it comes to Yaz’s future – and while she is keen to reprise the character again alongside Whittaker’s Doctor, she says whatever happens she’ll be able to look back fondly on her Doctor Who days.

“I'm just happy to have been part of two [series],” she said, “and to have been able to explore Yaz.”

“But I would love to be part of it,” she emphasised.

Previously it was revealed that her co-star Tosin Cole has been cast in a major US drama, while scenes in this series’ seventh episode hinted that his character Ryan might be considering leaving life with the Doctor behind.

However, understands that filming on the next series of Doctor Who isn’t set to begin until later this year ahead of an autumn 2021 airdate, so it could be that even if all three leads did have other projects in the pipeline they’d have months free to film before needing to hop back to the TARDIS.

Whatever happens, with a major double-episode finale still to come this year, fans will have plenty to look forward to for all the Doctor’s friends in the coming weeks.

“Again it's a two-parter which is new for us for this series,” Gill said of the finale, which she also described as “action-packed”.

“It's so exciting! I know we say it all the time but it is – even though we filmed it a long time ago.”

Here’s hoping the entire gang survive the experience…


Doctor Who continues on BBC One at 7:10pm on Sundays


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