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Maisie Williams: The door is “wide open” for my Doctor Who return

But the Game of Thrones and iBoy star says she’s not been asked back…yet

Published: Saturday, 28th January 2017 at 3:50 pm

Fans of Doctor Who are currently gearing up for the long-awaited new series to debut this April, complete with a new companion in Pearl Mackie’s Bill and all sorts of new adventures. Exciting!


However, many viewers may still be holding out hope for a comeback for some more familiar faces, with some fans in particular keen for a return for Maisie Williams’ immortal Ashildr/Me, who jetted off in a Tardis with Jenna Coleman’s Clara at the end of the last series.

And now, there may be some good news in that department – because Williams herself says she’s still up for returning to the BBC sci-fi stalwart, and sees no reason why her character couldn’t come back.

“Well, it’s wide open,” Williams told when asked about the possibility of her return to the Tardis. “Possibly!”

However, fans of Ashildr shouldn’t start celebrating in the streets just yet – because Williams also said she’d heard nothing from the Doctor Who team about reprising the role any time soon

“They haven’t asked me,” she told us. “Sad times!”

Not much chance of that Clara/Ashildr spin-off either, then…

Oh well – the Game of Thrones star has at least not left the world of sci-fi behind, with Williams currently starring in a Netflix film called iBoy alongside Bill Milner. The film tells the story of a young man who gains power over technology – and Williams thinks it has plenty of application to present-day living.

“Whether you like it or not a lot of your information is online,” she told us.

“And not because you’ve posted it to your Twitter account, but actually just because that’s the way the world is going, and it was just really nice that it showed it…just as being powerful, the internet being powerful, technology being powerful.”

“It’s not tryna be a cautionary tale, like ‘watch what you post on your Twitter!’” co-star Milner chipped in. “Without your consent, this information is THERE. That’s what makes it kinda spooky. I kind of like that.”

So there you have it – the perils of the internet truly ARE more terrifying than any monster the Doctor faces. Good to know.


iBoy is available to stream on Netflix now


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