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People think the robot in Netflix's Lost in Space reboot is hot

Folks on Twitter are thirsting after the machine

Published: Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 at 1:06 pm

Netflix's official US Twitter account has released a new video calling out viewers who think that the robot from the recent Lost in Space reboot is hot – and, as it turns out, quite a lot of people are attracted to the big hunk of metal.


The video, which was released with the accusatory caption of "y'all need Jesus", features a host of screenshots of tweets from users expressing confusion at their feelings towards the robot, alongside some clips of him in action. Check it out below.

A quick Twitter search for the words "Lost in Space robot" and "sexy" reveals that it is quite the phenomenon – and fans are mostly fawning over his buns of steel.

"There's literally NO REASON the Lost In Space robot should have a butt that nice," user @aurastarss tweeted. "This was intentional."

@tentaclebowtie added: "I just called the Lost in Space robot 'sexy' and my poor dad gave me such a sad/disappointed look lmao."

Check out some more robot thirsting below.


It's not the first time in recent months that film/TV fans have lusted over a non-human entity. Earlier this year, there were fans fighting the corner of the fish man in Guillermo del Toro's Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water, and now people are also proclaiming to have the hots for Josh Brolin's purple alien Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. What that says about where society is headed, I'll leave up to you...

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